Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis and the City of El Monte have initiated efforts to engage the community in shaping a new vision for an unused area of open space in the southeast corner of the MacLaren site, approximately four acres in size.

Potential recreational uses at the new park may include soccer fields, basketball courts, walking paths, and picnic areas, as well as landscaping, restrooms, and additional parking. The final project design will be based on feedback received from community members at upcoming workshops and throughout the engagement process.

El Monte has just 0.4 acres of park space per thousand residents, compared to the average of 3.3 acres of park space per thousand residents in Los Angeles County. The development of a new park at MacLaren would provide much-needed open space for the greater El Monte community. The project site is approximately 4.1 acres in size, and a new park could increase opportunities for local families and seniors to pursue active and passive recreation activities that promote health and wellness. MacLaren is ideally located in a residential neighborhood and near elementary schools that could benefit from additional open space and new connections to the nearby San Gabriel River bike trail.

County and City leaders are actively working in partnership to move this project forward, and are committed to delivering a new park to the community. Timing of the project will be driven in part by the availability of funding, and the team is actively exploring a number of potential funding sources to help make MacLaren Community Park a reality.

Yes! Supervisor Hilda Solis and the City of El Monte have made it a priority to provide as many opportunities as possible for community members to share their thoughts and ideas for this future green space. The project represents a unique opportunity to bring together diverse stakeholders, and to build consensus around the design and programming of the new park.

New off-street parking will be included in the project design, to support the envisioned active and passive recreational uses. In addition, over 160 existing parking spaces on-site would be available during evenings and weekends to handle overflow and special events. The team will also explore ways to encourage use of non-motorized forms of transportation, such as biking and walking.

Yes, the City and County recognize the importance of ensuring that all park users feel safe and secure. This can be achieved through a combination of design features such as fencing, lighting, and landscaping, and augmented with cameras and security patrols once the park is opened.

It is likely that portions of the perimeter wall will need to be removed in order to allow for public access to the new park. Alternative access controls, such as fences with gates, would likely replace the wall in areas where it is removed. Some portions of the wall may need to remain to control access to parts of the MacLaren property that remain in active use.

At this time the City and County are focused on developing the unused area of open space in the southeast corner of the MacLaren site, approximately four acres in size. Other parts of the facility remain in active use with administrative offices for County departments, a medical clinic, and Alma Family Services, and there are no plans to relocate these functions at this time.

Get involved and help shape the vision of this new community park!